Formal evaluations are offered to assess for speech sound difficulties (e.g. childhood apraxia of speech, motor speech disorders, articulation and phonological disorders), language difficulties (e.g. receptive and expressive language, executive functioning, cognitive linguistic skills, narrative language, written language), fluency (e.g. stuttering), auditory processing difficulties, voice, feeding and swallowing, orofacial myofunctional disorders, and social cognitive and social communication challenges. If individualized therapy is recommended evaluation will also come with personalized functional plan of care.

Individual Therapy

Speech and language individual therapy sessions and myofunctional therapy sessions are offered to treat all functional deficits in areas listed above based on a personalized plan of care.  Therapy sessions are typically 30-45 minutes based on client needs.  This includes time at the end of the session to talk with caregiver about session, discuss concerns, answer questions, and help give ideas for carryover.

Somatic experiencing sessions only are also offered at private pay rate.  Contact Angela Murphy MA CCC-SLP, SEP directly to discuss the options for these sessions.

Group Therapy

Therapy in a group format is offered to work on social cognitive challenges and social communication in a group dynamic. Due to COVID no group sessions are currently being offered but will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.  All group sessions are private pay only.


Longer consultation can be an important way to increase communication and carryover in different environments and with different communication partners across the client’s life.  Examples of consultation may include but are not limited to going over initial evaluation or reevaluation and plan of cares, check ins for discussion of progress, brainstorming and providing strategies to increase carryover across settings, discussions with other team members on the client’s team (e.g. school teachers/staff, psychologists, social workers/counselors, other caregivers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, recreational therapists, music therapists, behavior analysts). Parent, caregiver, team consultation will be provided per client or family’s request.  Cost of consultation is not typically covered by insurance.

Group Trainings

Group trainings are offered in areas of speech, language, communication development, in trauma informed care, trauma prevention, and strategies for use at school and home, and in area of social cognitive skills and implementation.


Telehealth sessions are available for private pay clients depending on client needs.  Telehealth is sometimes available when using insurance depending on conditions of policy.